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Application to Host an Event

This form covers all disciplines hosting a Nationals, Islands, or Interclub* match.

* An interclub match is an open event which is shot between members of two or more clubs.

Please complete this information if your event has a Pre-Match
Please complete the Stats Officer information if a different person from the Match Director.
Hosting Grants - Pistol New Zealand will pay the host club a Hosting fee to run a Pistol New Zealand Island or Nationals match. The fee has been set at $500 for a National Championship and $250 for an Island Championship. NOTE: Payment will only be made after the event is held and is run to approved PNZ Rules and that a legible set of results are sent after the match that can be added to the PNZ website. Pistol New Zealand asks that the hosting grant be taken into consideration when setting fees for the match, though this is not compulsory for the club to do so. The grants are an effort by Pistol New Zealand to keep the entry fees as affordable for members and attract as many members to these events as possible.
There is a set of minimum conditions that clubs have to agree to to be able to list a match on the PNZ and use the PNZ Match Entry websites. Read the Terms and Conditions here.

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