Congratulations to Barry Johnstone for his election as the Speed Section Director out to the 2026 Speed Nationals. The council wishes to thank retiring Director Aleks for his hard work put into this role. PNZ Council

Council has ratified the election of incumbent Section Director, Alex Shapcott in this position for another 2 years out to the 2024 Speed Nationals. Congratulations Alex. PNZ Council

Nominations for the position of Speed Section Director have been called. For further details refer to the following: Election of a Section Director process SPEED 2022 Section Director Key Responsibilities Nomination Form for SPEED Section Director 2022

Council have appointed Alex Shapcott as the Speed Section Director out to the 2022 Speed Nationals.

Council would like to thank you Dan Holmes for looking after the section during the last 4 years and all the development work Dan has done during this time.

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