Greg has been elected the HMS Section Director till the 2025 HMS Nationals. Council congratulated and thanked Greg for his election and continued dedication to the HMS Section.  

Greg Booth has been re-elected as the HMS Section Director out to the 2023 HMS Nationals. PNZ Council

The HMS Section Director nominations are now open! Details on the Election can be found below. For more details or questions, contact the PNZ Executive Officer Phill Brown IPSC Section and NZ Regional Director Election Election Process Nomination Form  

Congratulations on the following shooters, who have been selected as the team to compete at the 2019 HMS IMSSU Team this October 16-20th at Tokoroa! Big Bore Team Murray Templeton Graeme Anderson Rex Oulds Small Bore Team Greg Booth Ian Templar Murray Templeton Field Pistol Team Ian Templar Graeme Anderson Greg Booth

Greg Booth (Tokoroa Shhoting Federation) has been re-elected for another 2 years as the HMS Section Director. Congratulations!

The new criteria is online HERE. The 2020 match was cancelled.

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