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The PNZ IPSC Scoring Overlay is New Zealand’s own overlay for NZ IPSC Shooters.

The overlay measures 85mm long by 50mm Wide (perfect to measure the distance between the gear and the belt). It has scoring holes for 9mm (.354), .40 (10.16mm), .45 (11.43mm) and for the 3 Gun and Multigun Shooters Rifle Caliburs 7.62mm (.300) and 5.56mm (.2188) and 12 and 20 Gauge Shotgun. Each circle had a dot in the middle to help with lining up the hole. A line has been added to the side to line up the target and scoring zone edge when using 2 gauges.


Every IPSC and Multigun shooter should have two in their bags………..Service and Action shooters can also use them on club days (Plug gauges should be used for these matches).

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