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NZ Arms Acts and Regulations


NZ Police Guides and Application Forms

Please be aware that as of November 2020, the older Police Application forms have now been replaced with updated online forms. Please use these in all applications and paperwork sent to Pistol New Zealand. (See links above)

Firearms Approved for use in New Zealand Police List

This is not currently in use by the NZ Police. Enquiries should be addressed to your nearest Arms Officer.

Firearms Licence Checker

Link to the NZ Police website to see the Firearms Licence Checker (Further details can be found HERE)

Guide on how to use the checker


Firearms Community Advisory Forum Minutes

New Zealand Police has established a Firearms Community Advisory Forum to act in a consultative and advisory capacity to Police.

The purpose of the Forum is to:

  • provide a formal mechanism for representatives from the firearms community to input to the Police on policy relating to the Arms Act 1983 or the Arms Regulations 1992; and
  • review and make recommendations for consideration by Police on firearms-related matters.

Membership of the Forum comprises both Police employees and non-Police employees. The non-Police members were selected for their:

  • broad skills, knowledge and understanding of firearms and issues/legislation relating to firearms
  • relevant practical experience and networks within the firearms community
  • ability to represent a diversity of perspectives within the firearms community
  • personal attributes and ability to work constructively with, and make a contribution to the Forum
  • being a representative of an incorporated group (who can represent the views of the group rather than their individual view).

Minutes from each meeting can be seen by going to the link below on the NZ Police website.

Firearms Community Advisory Minutes

Links to Bullshooter Edition 269 (February 2021) Arms Regulations.

Conditions of Endorsements

New Pistol Communication Process based on Section Rules (Sept 2017)

If a member is looking to import a new pistol into New Zealand, they must approach their Local Arms Officer for all such inquiries. If the Police require further information, then only THEY may contact Pistol New Zealand for further details, not the member.

If a member of Police approaches Pistol New Zealand asking if a particular type of firearm can be used in matches that comply with current Council approved rules, then the following reply will be given in all cases:

“Pistol NZ does not approve or disapprove individual types of firearms. If the firearm is compatible with the International rules of a discipline, then a shooter can use it. Based on the available information, this firearm complies with match rules which are shot by PNZ”

If asked, the Executive Officer will specify which events a particular firearm complies with.

Note: The Police may ask any additional questions of the member to verify a genuine reason for importing/transferring such firearms.

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