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Welcome to the Club Services Page

This page is the Club Executives ‘Administration Manual’. It contains information a club’s executive (President, Secretary, and Treasurer) should read and be familiar with.

  • Club Administration information contained in these pages includes:
  • Club Manual (How to Run a Club)
  • Annual Club Administration and Reporting Information
  • PNZ Forms for Club Use
  • Reference Material
  • Administration Supplies
  • Key Annual Dates


Current fees and PNZ account number information 
Change of Club Administration Contact Details to PNZ 

Club Manual (How to Run a Club)

    This manual was developed as a guide to help member clubs with the roles and responsibilities of key positions within a club’s executive, plus management guides to help run a club effectively.


Club Guides in Relation to the Firearms Regulations

  • New Members: Conditions relating to participation in shooting activities of pistol shooting club by persons aged 16 years or over who do not hold firearms license with pistol endorsement. (Guide CG004 – Added 09/03/2023)
  • Firearms Security during Transport: Conditions relating to the storage of firearms in vehicles during transportation (Guide CG010 – Added 07/03/2023)

Annual Club Administration and Reporting dates Information

NZ Police

Club Guide for annual reporting after the December 2022 Regulation updates

This guide along with the following templates outlines what is required each year by the NZ Police as part of the annual reporting.

28-Day Change Notification form

This form must be used monthly by clubs if there is a change in membership and contact details in a club. This should be sent to the NZ Police at [email protected] (Any contact updates should be sent to PNZ as well, via the club online update form)

Club Activities Template

This template can be modified as a club sees fit but the information contained in this template is needed by the NZ Police, so please don’t remove any of this information. This information is required by the NZ Police no later than the 28th of July each year for the previous 12 months (1st July-30th June). This should be sent to the NZ Police (Copy PNZ) at [email protected]

Annual Club Returns Form

This must be sent to the NZ Police, no later than 5 months after the end of the club’s financial year. This should be sent (Copy PNZ) to the NZ Police at [email protected]


Incorporated Societies

Annual Return (PNZ and Companies Office) Information for a Club Secretary (Updated May 2022)

The Annual returns to both the Companies Office and Pistol New Zealand are explained in this document.


Pistol New Zealand

These are sent out in early May each year.

This information updates the club’s records and pays the annual membership fees to PNZ

Important dates:

  • Notice of Motion and remit sheets – 30th June
  • Nominations for PNZ Council – 30th June
  • Merit awards nomination sheet – 30th June
  • Club membership list and membership registration sheet – 25th July
  • Club administration return sheet – 25th July
  • Other Key Dates (Police Required Reports):
  • Last date before PNZ sends in the B Cat defaulters list to the Police – 20th October

PNZ Forms for Club Use

This form should be used to investigate any incident which requires medical attention on the range or at a medical facility. A copy should be placed in the club’s First Aid Kit.

Reference Material

This document is a draft created by PNZ using the current requirements for incorporation by the Companies Office and includes updates required by the Police and suggested additions based on recent new club applications. This template covers the current Incorporated Societies Act 1908 used till October 2023.

  • Club Draft Rules (Updated January 2021) – Word Version available from the PNZ XO

This is a set of Draft Club Rules that can be amended and used as you see fit and are based on the current best practices used in clubs.

Note: These templates will be reviewed soon in light of the 2022 Incorporated Societies Act. The Regulations of this act will not be in force till later in 2023.

Administration Supplies

Key Annual Dates

That all Club Secretaries should be aware of:

  • Bullshooter articles need to be with the PNZ Executive Officer by the 25th of January/March/May/July/September/November.
  • For further detail contact the PNZ Executive Officer

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