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Bullshooter is the national magazine of Pistol NZ and is published bi-monthly, six issues per year.

Bullshooter contains information on the local shooting calendar, along with items of interest to pistol shooters, this is an excellent publication in which to advertise shooting and sporting accessories.

More information can be obtained from the editor at [email protected] or [email protected].

Closing date for each issue is the 25th of the month previous to production (ie. 25 Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov).

Having issues receiving your Bullshooter?
If you have not received your posted or E-mail Bullshooter, please contact the Executive Officer.

Please Note: The Bullshooters on this website can only be seen by current members of Pistol New Zealand.


Editors of the Bullshooter

Issues 1-9: Neil Hayes

Issues 10-171: Carl Rofe

Issues 172-207: Wally Cole

Issues 208 – Current: Phil Brown

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