Dear Friends,

Thank you again for your kind support to our recently launched “Fair and Reasonable” campaign to fight for sensible gun laws and protect the rights of responsible firearms owners. This is the first of what is likely to be regular campaign updates.

New website and financial matters
But first some housekeeping: we’ve received a number of donations to our bank account that we cannot match to people on our email / supporter list. If you have made a donation via internet banking, or at a bank branch, please could you reply to this email with the date and amount so we can send you a receipt and acknowledgement?

Volunteers needed
Thank you for the kind offers from people across the country to volunteer. We’ve noted these and will come back as required, however what we really need is someone (ideally Wellington-based) to help us with data collation, email correspondence, and managing the website. If you, or someone you know, is IT-literate and might be willing to volunteer 4 to 6 hours a week to this good cause, please let us know by reply email.

An earlier win
Last year we (the Council of Licenced Firearms Owners) financially contributed to the legal fighting fund to defend the Auckland Shooting Club against a legal action from alleging excessive noise from the Club which threatened its existence.

Last week the Supreme Court turned down an application to appeal an earlier Court of Appeal decision in favour of the Club lodged by a meditation centre that had set up shop 1.2km from the Shooting Club.

This is a win for all shooting ranges around the country – where neighbours move in and try to shut down local shooting clubs.

You can read more about the Court’s decision on the NZ Herald’s website here.

Handy information to legislative changes (so far!)
Finally, we’ve had lots of correspondence from concerned firearms owners asking whether their firearms are affected by the first trench of law changes which the Government changed in hast after Christchurch. Apart from watching the updates on the New Zealand Police website, New Zealand Guns and Hunting magazine published this useful article.

Click here to download the guide below (as a PDF) or click here to subscribe to the magazine.

Next steps: maximising the impact with donated funds
To date, the campaign has been fully funded by existing COLFO reserves. We have identified potentially seven legal challenges we could undertake, and are considering launching a class-action against the Government for what we consider an unfair compensation package.

But we’re not going to launch the proceedings until we are confident that such a move has a good prospect of success. We will also weigh up the other potential cases we could take. The funding we receive from the campaign will determine how many actions we can instigate.

In the meantime we are building our “Fair and Reasonable” fighting fund, and recruiting likeminded New Zealanders to the campaign – so that we can maximise our impact if the Government does not listen to firearms owners and commit to sensible reforms, rather than rhetoric, ineffective, and unreasonable proposals that are currently on the table.

Thank you again for your support and making this effort possible.

Nicole McKee
Fair and Reasonable Campaign