Contact: Rishi

Link for the entry for this match is HERE

A reminder about holster equipment and start positions from NROI President, Craig Clark can be seen HERE

Match Entry Conditions for entry can be seen HERE

14 Stages + Chronograph

Round Count: Appox 275

Lunch on range both days

Early Details


23 October 2020

Pre-Match Briefing 12.30 pm

Commences 1.00 pm

24 October 2020

Commences 7.30am

Main Match

24 October 2020

Match Briefing 12.30 pm

Commences 1.00 pm

25 October 2020

Commences 7.30am

Awards Presentation 4.30 pm (on Range!)

Conclusion 5.30pm

NZ Shooters a Reminder: You need to be a current, paid member of IPSC New Zealand (I.E. Paid your annual $20 PNZ IPSC Fee with your annual PNZ Fees) to shoot a NZ Level 3 Match.

If you are unsure if you are current, contact the PNZ Executive Officer to check.

If you are not current, you will be asked to pay at the match!


Download a FULL set of results HERE