Contact: Phil

Conditions of Entry can be seen HERE


Mini Rifle will be shot Saturday – Entry form can be seen HERE

Manual Action will be shot Sunday – Entry from can be seen HERE

Competition will begin at 9am sharp, so please be at the range by 8.30 and expect two full days of shooting. A non-vegetarian lunch will be available on both days.

The longest mini rifle stage will require 32 rounds, and the longest shot will be on targets 120m away.

If you wish to shoot a PCC as an alternative to Mini rifle, you can do on the Saturday, however, please be aware of changes currently underway which will move some carbine to prohibited status. The organisers will not allow any firearm to be used if it clearly breaches those rules.

The Manual action match will be a little different to last years event. With pump action rifles no longer available, I have designed a match that will require a different balance of speed and accuracy. There will be 3 stages with targets at 200m and they will be similar to PRS type stages but shot under IPSC rules and scored in points per second (hit factor). The other 4 stages will be more typical, on shorter ranges, but hopefully challenging, nonetheless.

The longest stage will require 15 rounds minimum, so 2 magazines should be enough, but no doubt there will be plenty of people willing to share gear while we continue to find our feet.

This event will be a level 2, so please come prepared to help out your squad.

Apologies for the delay in getting this information out to you, hopefully it doesn’t stop a large number of new and old hands attending this event and shaping the future of IPSC Rifle shooting in NZ.

Phil Dunlop


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