Contact: Wayne

Entry Form can be downloaded HERE

True Grit Saturday 18th Jan 

  • main match shooting will start at 9 –  3 stages then breaking for lunch, another 3 stages then on into the long range events.
  • Dinner -BBQ diner off site at Trapper and Lils place
  • Accommodation/camping – we aren’t really expecting any camping on the range (as not eating dinner there now) , but some members are able to host shooters if you need somewhere to stay for the night
  • Long range (inc sighters) Pistol Calibre  Rifle calibre  single shot

Kaitoke Klassic Sunday 19th

For those staying to shoot the Kaitoke Klassic sunday morning – this is an IPSC style event specifically geared towards single stack 1911 ‘s and double action revolvers 38 cal and above.

The event is loosely based around the 20’s, when these handguns were what people used. likely there will be 4 stages, depending on numbers, with combination of steel and paper targets

Its “Wild Bunch” friendly, so you can use your wild bunch rigs etc. there is no costuming requirement

Again registration at 8.30, shooting starts with first stage briefing at 9.00


Download Results HERE