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Important Updates:

8 stages over 2 days

62 rounds rifle

64 rounds shotgun

47 rounds pistol

Due to the way Multigun scores you will need at least double this for rifle and pistol plus spares for shotgun.
Shotgun is all bird.
All stages are loaded starts or condition 2 to help keep the amount of equipment on your belt to as little as possible.
The highest single round count for shotgun is 12 so you won,t need to choke your rig up with shot shell caddies.
A Reminder: Scoring with Multigun requires only 1 “A” to score but, you will use more!
The maximum distance for rifle will be 75 meters

To settle some confusion regarding 9mm carbine:

1) Pistol Caliber Carbine is a Class just enter in under “unlimited” and we will put you in separate class on the day, people that have already entered dont worry we will sort it for you.
2) All A cat, B cat and E cat will be rec

I.E. This is both Pistol Calibre Carbine (eg. Roni) and Pistol Calibre Rifle Carbine (eg. AR Platform). 


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