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PNZ Website Match Registration

PNZ is offering a Match Registration gathering option that can be added to events placed on the PNZ website.

These will be able to collect shooter registration information and be sent to the Match Director or nominated person.


Here is what is being offered:

Q and A

What is Pistol NZ Match registration offering?

  • PNZ is offering match organisers the ability to embed Section Specific information-gathering templates (via Google Forms) into their PNZ website registered match page.

What information will you be gathering?

  • All of the members match details (and no more), required by a match to process an entry.

How will the Match Director (or nominated person) gather this information?

  • The replies from the forms will be sent to the Match Directors (or nominated person) email address. They can then use this information to help organise their match.

What information will you be gathering?

  • See details below.

Can I add other match information to the page, like bank account details?

  • Yes, this information can be sent to the PNZ XO to add to your match page.

Will PNZ be collecting this information?

  • Yes, It will be stored in our secure Google Forms page till the match is over and will then be deleted.

What will this service cost our match?

  • Nothing, this is a free service provided by PNZ.

What do I need to do If I wish to add this feature to my match Page?

  • Only Interclub, Island, or National Events can be advertised on the PNZ website’s coming events pages. If your match qualifies, check out the following ‘PNZ Website Registration Application’  below for all of the details. 

What conditions must I follow to use this service?

  • The conditions for using this service are on the PNZ Website Registration Application page below.


Match Registration Form: PNZ WEBSITE REGISTRATION APPLICATION (Added January 2022)

What is included in each section registration form can be seen PNZ WEBSITE REGISTRATION – Section Feilds (Added January 2022)

For more details, contact the PNZ Executive Officer


To log in you must be a registered member of PNZ, through a MEMBER CLUB

MEMBERS ONLY can send login inquiries HERE

If you need to change your personal details, like your address, this should be done through the members details change form HERE, NOT THIS WEBSITE